Need Aluminum Welding - Will Pay

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I need a catchcan welded up based on my blueprint. Blueprint will be provided to whomever accepts. It is no larger than a civic battery and only has a center division and baffles. Needs to be of decent quality, and hold mild pressure.

If your interested, please let me know! This doesn't have to be local; I would pay for shipping, materials, and your time as necessary. You can respond in this thread or send me a PM.

Some help would really be appriciated!
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if i'm not mistaken mac24seven(sp?) might do aluminum welding.. if you cant get a hold of him, try Andrew.. its his brother in law i think
I'll tell terrance to get on here for you. (He'll be on tomoorrow at work)\

He's the guy to have it done, man. Thats what he does for a living (design alum fuel tanks / parts)
i knew he was good at welding... just wasnt sure if it was aluminum
Sweet. I've been trying to find someone with experience for a long while now. Random shops around me don't want to do it... and that's lame...

I'll be checking back frequently!
Terrance doesn't actually do the welding himself. He does the blueprinting and CAD design and has it fabricated in their massive shop.
Either way, he'll get the job done, and won't charge you $5,000 for it. :)
Yay! lol.

Rep given where allowed lol
Andrew, didnt he make you a catch can, or was it for himself.. post some pics of the beautiness
I could probly do it I'm not working right now so it could give me some thing to do. I just got laid off and and im a sheetmetal worker and I've been welding alum for the last 4 years if you want send me the drawing and ill see what I can do.Also what would you want it out of .040 or .063 ? heres a alum skylight I welded and claded in zinc

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Dude's stuff is much better though he'd probably charge more :p

I pm'd you...
Wow nice skylight.

Alright well I might as well post it up here publicly, then we can figure out who should or will do the job.

I also don't know what thickness would be best. I think your judgment would be better than mine. Holds light pressure and sturdy, all it needs to be.

I'm also listening to any critiques anyone may have with my design.

These are just my drawings; I haven't made any architecture style drawings yet, but I need to so that they also include the bracket mounts. I'm making those up on the computer at the moment.


  • Baffle Locations.pdf
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  • Overview.pdf
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lol I was doing all the measuring in inches at first.... then idk why decided to change lol

Umm it's about 8in long, 3in wide, and 2.75in high. It could be done either way, the difference in size won't be an issue.
Oh I would like to add that the bottom holes are deceiving, they should have been drawn as inside as they are on the bottom for where the drain valves will go.

Based on the center divider, each side should be separate and sealed from one another, by the way. It's 2 catch cans in 1.