Need an Ls intake manifold

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I need intake manifold from a 92 manual Ls. I have all the parts that go on, I just need the actual manifold. If anyone is interested, I have one from an automatic if you want to trade, but if not, just tell me how much.

I also need the two little round sensors on the fire wall from a 90-91 Ls (EVAP and something else).
I have a LS IM from a 2001 Integra let me know if you are interested send me a PM or something yo.

EDIT: I don't know for sure if mine will work for you you may want to use one of the other guys here.
I still have that manifold.. Its from a 91 or a 92.. Exactly the same thing. Anywho.. I could probably go 30 shipped. The "electronically controlled fuel injection" plate is kinda faded though.