Need D16z6!

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Anyone have one for sale? Or know where I can get one? None of my local yards have what I'm lookin for.
I've got a D16Z6 for brother and I did a b16 swap into my ride over christmas and the sorry asshole he had it sold to backed out on him so now it's sitting in the back of my's got an auto. tranny bolted to it so if you don't want it I can take it off and make shipping a little cheaper....

Shoot me an offer if you're interested....

I'm on aol, msn, or yahoo @ nimblecivic

i might need one too ... how much do they usually go for ?!

i'm thinkin about buying a shell with a blown engine ... only thing is, it's a auto ?

how much hassle would a tranny conver. be ?!
Well, like I said, mine's also an auto...

Not sure about the tranny conversion but as far as I know as long as the motor is good you can go from an auto to a manual fairly easily as long as your car is already a manual....

Not sure how much to ask, that's why I said shoot me an offer.....

I'm in the St. Louis Metro area if anyone is interested in picking up and saving on shipping....