Need Dist. ASAP

i need a oem or performance distributor fast, anyone have one for grabs or know online where i can get one? i dont have the time to keep bidding on ebay, i've lost 5 already. its for my D15 Civic DX SOHC non-Vtec.

my TDC sensor is bad and is killing my gas mileage not to mention my idle is very rough. the cheapest i found was a new one from autozone for like 160 bucks...tooo much, will one from a D16 work? i was going to put the one from my CRX but it is a DX which is the DPFI!!!! arghh!!

if you honestly have one please email me at [email protected] with price and shipping to zip code 88044 thanks, robert


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hey are you looking for that d15 distributer....buddy of mine has a brand new one that he doesnt need any more....hit him up joesefcivic....tryed to call him but he didnt pick up!!!!!!pretty sure he still has it :)