need engin help

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my name is levon and im 17 i have a 1988 civic hatch and have a cool body kit but dont have a engin because i dont know wat two put in it but i know i want power i was thinking like a 1.5 or 1.6 but i want 2 run turbo because i have 1 so any body know something help me please
So is it an 88 or a 98? Your description says one thing, and your post says something else.

How much money do you have to work with? A budget will make it easier to decide what to do.

Are you doing the work yourself? Do you have experience turning a wrench? Have you researched your options? There are literally dozens of swaps that can be done.

What are you going to be using the car for? I would assume a daily driver.

Sell the body kit and use that money to build your car. Body kits are gay and don't do anything.
it is a 1988 and it a jdm body kit and yes i know how 2 turn a wrench i have a crx si nose and want it 4 a street car have a roww cage in it crx dash bord and no interior
Why don't you concentrate on getting it running first?

How much money do you want to spend?
it dose not mater i want 2 run turbo i have 1 at the house wat type of engin do u have in mind

Writing a clear, precise sentence is an art you can master by knowing the different kinds of sentences and the ways they function. When you recognize the different parts of speech and the ways they work together your communication skills will increase greatly.

The parts of a sentence: An English sentence divides into two parts.


Tom + installed the engine into the car.
The engine + is crap.

The subject is what the sentence is about and answers the question "Who?" or "What?" The predicate says something about the subject and contains a word that expresses action or state of being.

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A verb functions as the predicate of a sentence or as an essential part of the predicate.

The engine runs. [verb by itself]
The engine runs very good. [verb plus modifier]

With that out of the way you will find that it is really up to you and how much you plan on investing. You can do anything but it all boils down to how big your checkbook is.
lol yea but it takes alot more then just a turbo to run a turbo car and like george777 said knowing your budget would help alot. I have a 1990 civic hatch and i pulled a 3 grand loan to get the car and get it how it is now with just a running ls with a gsr trans and a bunch of other little stuff take baby steps to make it faster cause if you don't know how to drive a fast car esp a turbo car then you'll end up coming into boost around a turn and start burning out and end up in a tree.
The only information you have provided is that you "have a turbo" and you want to use it. You are only 17. You can't have much of a bank roll, nor much driving skills under your belt. With that being said, answer all the questions I, among others, have asked, and you will walk right into your answer.

Research would have told you that an LS swap is boost friendly and a modest swap into a Civic. Learn to use the search option, whether it be here, or on Google, or wherever you venture for information. It will save you time, money, and will make your stay--however long it may be--more enjoyable on this site.