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alright.... i decided to swap the d16z6 with my existing d15b7. the only the head is in the shop right now. and will be awhile before i get it back. i need to know if i can temporarily use the head off the b7, until i get the one back for the z6? i know it wont do anything for the motor, but will it work?

also... does anyone know where i can find a mugen head gasket or one like it? somthin to up the compression?
Haven't seen D series mugen head gaskets.If you want to up the compression,get new pistons.
Have you done the wiring changes yet? If not, you can still use the B7 head (unless there are valve clearance problems--may have a mechanic clay it just to be sure). But if you've done the wiring changes, you'll have a problem in that the B7 has 2 injectors but the Z6 has four. It won't work.
how much?
i dont know how much is too much.
and the guy that has my head right now... i think is on crack or somthin, i mean people say hes good, but damn. :lol: :D :lol: this fool is ignorant. i'm start'n to wish i hadnt took it to him. :unsure:
any ways, i heard that if u up the comp. too much u may not be able to run pump gas, if this is so, i dont want to go that far.
how much can i shave off of it with out worryin about it?
and i did ask him about claying it, or whatever, he did know what i was talkin about :blink: