Need help 91 Accord

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I have some problems with my accord its a 91 accord ex-r, about 2 months ago when started my car it starts no problem but when in park or nuteral the engine when up to 2500 then down to 1000 up and down. when in drive it was fine. this weekend it started to do in drive and my spedometer went to 0 while driving and then came back. the rpm gage moved correctly, the engine light has been on since i got the car 3 years ago do to something to do with the emissions. i have not lost any power and the car starts all the time

Find out why your check engine light is on and there is a pretty good chance you will fix your idle. Honda put the CEL in for a reason. The list of CEL codes is in the reference section on this site. It will give you a breakdown of what each code is. is the link to the codes. It even tells you at the top of the thread how to read the codes. Let us know what codes you are throwing and we may be able to head you in the right direction.

Good luck.
check the speed sensor....but first the check engine light....there is a connector on the passanger side under need the dash to the right of the glove box....its a conector that looks like it should be plugged in but it isnt, jump those to wires and the check engine light will blink..but it sounds like you have a vacuum leak and a bad speed sensor but idk from just what you said...good luck