Need help, Advice Freshing up B18b for Turbo

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Hi, Newb here. I recently got a free B18b Engine out of a 97' LS going into my CX Hatch.I already got everything to do the swap. The engine looks like it sat out of the car for about a year without spark plugs. They told me it had about 130K miles when they took it of the car. Here is my question, what do I need to DO maintenance wise, I was told it ran good before they took it out to be able to Turbo it 8-10 psi for about 6-12 months. I'm planning on building a sleeved LSVTEC-T within a year hopefully sooner when the money gets right. I really don't want to spent too much money on this engine since I'll be building one soon. so Should I open it to look for damages to the cyl walls,new head gasket and maybe some ARP Studs ? or should I just flush coolant sys, new oil and do a compression test and see what happens? I've seen a lot of post with people running 100% stock b18b pushing 250whp dd.. Please chime in with comments. Thanks in advance.
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while it was sitting with spark plugs out was it in storage somewhere, or was it left out in the open vulnerable to the elements? if rain and shit got down in there you could have some serious rust issues with the cylinder walls. either way i'd take the head off and get a good look at. i would replace the rod/main bearings and then throw in a new set of rings.

and yea their are lots of guys making 250-300+ whp on completely stock tb to oilpain b18a1/b1's.

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