Need help assembling d15b7

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Ok so i recently acquired a 95 civic dx with d15b7 engine the head gasket was blown and head was removed and disassembled and also it wasent on tdc or anything no marks where made on any of it andi cleaned everything and i want to install the new gaskets and get car running but im not sure if theres particular way i have to put the pistons or valves before i install the head or do i just get it all together and torqued down and then have to find correct tdc and valve position and timing im a lil confused as this is my first honda and i dont want to do it wrong the first time as a carpenter i always measure twice an cut once i just dont know the the measurements involved with this particular engine


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set to TDC before you put the head on

here is a thread about doing a head gasket on a D15B7
its an old thread, but it should get you started

if you have questions after reading through that then ask them here so we can follow up with you
most of the posters in that thread are no longer active so don't bother asking in there
Thanks i appreciate the help


turn crank to where arrow on timing plastic lines up to line on crank pulley ( 2 outer cylinders at the very top middle 2 at bottom) , clean head and block surface and apply hondabond lightly on both surfaces , install head gasket , set head on block, insert head bolts, torque from inside out in 2 steps (google pattern) , install cam and rocker assembly , cam gear has 2 lines that lay flush with the head and a up arrow at tdc the lines are flat across with the head, change water pump, install timing belt and finish up and done, IIRC head can be removed without touching rocker/cam


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yes and no

will oil come out of the valve cover if you remove the cap while it is running, yes there can/will be some oil spitting out
should it be flowing out like a hose, no

a video would be most helpful in giving you a more accurate answer