Need help choosing ECU


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Waz up ppl,
I have a 95' civic (DX) and im planning on B16 SI swap for my car.I also plan on turboing my car,my goal is to get over 300hp to the wheels. I know what i have to do to beef up my motor to make it reliable but my only problem is that I dont know what ECU to use. I heard of the Hondata,and P28 comp. but im not sure how they work or which of the 2 or if there are any others out there that I can use.If anyone can give me any infoon which to use it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx, ICRacingB16
with hondata, you still need a honda ecu to accept the hondata rom chip, which needs to be socketed into the ecu.
The p28 works great, and is cheap.