Need help finding 93 civic dx sideskirts..(badly damaged from not jacking it up right

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Oh, I do a little here and there.
So I'm scratching the body kit idea I just can't afford it, but I at least have to replace the sideskirts, hood, fenders, and front bumper.

No problem except that I can NOT find the friggin oem 5th gen DX sedan sideskirts ANYWHERE. Every parts site I check has nothing but front and rear bumpers and I checked every other body accessories category etc. and they all come up with nothing for the stock black sideskirts I'm looking for.

So does anyone know the Honda part numbers for these or know where I can get a decent set of the oem sideskirts? They're not even mentioned in the Haynes repair manual I have.
a couple mnths back i almost bought a complete car to partout,didnt rlly use my nugget,lol didnt think anyone would need parts from a 4door

try junkyards??
Tried every local junkyard...every honda is already completely raped down to the frame just about.

If worst comes to worst I'll just take them off someone else's car in the street. (just kidding)

Anyone else know anything where I can get these oem 5th gen sedan sideskirts?
I had the same problem you did I couldnt find any rocker panels for my car. (Look up rocker panel not side skirt might help.) So I came to this site and asked about it, and people just started ragging on me on how lazy I was, as if you can find those things any where. Well, what I ended up doing was going to a local Honda dealer and buying them there. Their not cheap, I got mine for a deal at $88 per rocker panel. Good luck!
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