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Hello, I have a 1988 Honda Civic Dx 5 speed manuel transmission SOHC. And my engine finally after 20 years decided to die. I purchased a new engine, it is a DOHC, ZC engine. Engine serial number: 3002700 and Transmission Serial Number: s20-2552833. the valve cover is black and has 8 grommits that look like this: the asteriks represent the grommits

_____*_________________ *
* ___________* ______________
_____* _________________*
I need to know what vehicle this engine came out of, so I can get the right distributor and valve cover gasket set from the auto parts store. I have researched for the past 12 hours and cannot find a single thing that helps me except more and more parts lists. The person I bought the motor from said it had 45,000 miles on it and that when he got it, it came out of a CRX. But, thats all he knew about the engine. Any help would be greatly appreicated. There was a faint stamp inside the valve cover on the bottom of it, that said D16, when I wiped it a little bit to see it better it rubbed off. I did find a eg5 on ebay, that looked quite similar actually identical according to the picture but i was still unsure.
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if you on the left side on the front of the block there is the engine code stamped on it might be a little covered up with grim but you could wipe it off
Thats what I thought to, so I used degreaser on the engine and the only thing there is the letters ZC, and then right beneath it, is the numbers 3002700. It doesn't even look like there has ever been anything but that on the engine.
do you have any pictures????....from what I know there should be the engine code stamped on the front left side
I don't have any actual picture of the engine, because i don't have a camera but the picture below, which i got from ebay looks exactly like my engine

I also found a PM7 stamped beneath the valve cover on the left hand side toward the oil cap. if you want to look at more pictures of the motor on ebay, you can type in eg5 on the search engine of ebay motors. I'm just not quite positive that its the same model egine i have. any ideas would be helpful

After looking more closely...I doubt this engine is mine, but it does look very close to what I have the grommits are all in the same place, and so is the O2 sensor, and the driver side mount, it also has the grey plugs on it. But, in one of the pictures on ebay, on the cam gear cover in white shoe polish is written ZC30032**. The Asteriks are the unknown numbers that I can't make out, but that serial number does not match the one I have.


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Are you sure the dude you bought this from didn't say CRV instead of CRX? It looks like B20 CRV motor or B18 integra motor. I think ZC was for CRV. It's a torquey motor with lots potential.:thumbsup:
your engine is the JDM OBD1 DOHC ZC - came in several different 92-95 EH Civics in Japan - to run it in your car, you would need to either convert to OBD1 or convert the engine to OBD0 - to convert it to OBD0, you would need a 88-89 Integra distributor and 88-89 Integra Cylinder sensor, which is located on the end of the exhaust camshaft - since it has OBD1 injectors, you wouldn't need an injector resistor box when swapping from DPFI to MPFI - you won't be able to get an OBD1 distributor from the parts store - the OBD1 DOHC ZC distributor is ZC only and is a TD43U - the TD43U is available from Distributor King:

DOHC OBD1 2nd Gen JDM ZC Engine Ignition Distributor: TD43-ZC Distributor King

also available from Tiger Japanese, although i know of several people who have had problems with distributors from Tiger

Tiger Japanese Auto Parts LTD - TD43 DISTRIBUTOR 92-95 HONDA CIVIC DOHC OBD1 2ND GEN Z

valve cover gasket is 88-89 Integra D16A1

anything else you need to know about parts for it, just PM me - we have done over 40 ZC swaps, with a lot of them being the OBD1 engine

this is one of the cars that it came in:


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people are retarded the zc is the engine code these motors did not come in a crv, they came in crx/civics. zc is the jdm engine code and in america they are considered a d16a something i saw one in a junk yard in a 88 integra so yea.
the ZC engine did not come in any USDM car - the 88-89 USDM Integra D16A1 engine is similar but not the same as a ZC - the USDM D16A1 and JDM DOHC ZC do share some of the same parts, like valve train and distributors, but they are not the same engine - they have different blocks, different heads, different intake manifolds, different cam shafts, different cam gears, different timing belt, different crankshafts (in some cases), different exhaust manifolds, different valve covers, different oil pumps, different driver's side engine mount, etc.