Need Help On Tire Sizing

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I want to buy tires for my new rotas (thx ALLJDM), there 15"X6.5. I want the widest tire acceptable by the wheel. I also want to keep the same ride height. I tried to determine the size myself but realized the number that determines ride height in tire sizing is actually the ratio. Anyway here my stock tire numbers 195X55. Thanks in advance...
Originally posted by 2 litre EG@Jan 7 2003, 09:03 PM
195 will fit and maybe even 205... but im not 100% sure so this size should work


205/50/15 will be your best match- 205/55 is going to be a little too tall. 215/50/15 would be ideal, but I don't think anyone makes that size...
I have Kumho 712's on my 92 Si 205/50/15, $62.00 each. Do you need a all season tire or just a tire for the warm weather climates?
I have Kumhos 712's sized 205/50-15 on my 15" Slipstrams and they fit perfectly. When I bought the tires at Discount Tire they installed the wrong size (205/55-15) and they were too tall and rubbed against the inside of the wheel well when turning. They had just made a mistake when looking at my order. ;)

205/50-15 is probably the best size to get if you want the widest for that wheel.

I used the Tire size Calculator found in the "Reference" section
Originally posted by Prowler@Jan 11 2003, 10:22 AM
I would NOT use 215s on a 15x6. 205s are already wide enough for my 16x7's.

if you have too wide of a tire you will get a lot of roll over and your cornering will suck ass

you want your sidewall to sit:
like this: |___|
not like this: /___\ or this \___/

either of the botom two will provide shitty handling

damn my art work kicks ass :D
The widest you should go is 205's. 215's will balloon on the side and fold over under hard cornering. 205/50/15s is the way to go. I highly recommend Toyo Proxes T1S.