Need Help Picking Right Turbo...

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hello tomorrow i will be ordering a new turbo kit for my car which is a 92 civic hatch with a gsr motor . the turbo i want is a turbonetics t3\t4e ballbearing. what trim and a/r should i order?? right now the motor is stock so i would like to run 6-9 lbs, but in the near future with the block sleeved and a hondata and new rods and pistons i would like to run 16+ lbs and achieve 380 whp+. im spending the money now and getting the ballbearing so i would like help picking a good trim and a\r to achieve the above . thanks albie :blink:
i was looking into a 50 trim 60\63 a\r but im not sure>>>>
thanks for the reply pissedoffsol.. i was thinking about going with the t3 60-1 but the turbo kit manufacturer really only deals with the t3 t4. .. i want to pick a t3 t4 that will not boost out on the top end and that will not lag so much to make the boost ... what do you suggest pissedoff i should get as far as trim and ar? i think them 48s spool to fast but i think the 57 might lag too much. i need some help.... albie