Need Help Please Dont Flame

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Junior Member
I have just picked up a 93 acura integra shell, no motor/tranny/harness or ecu, i understand that any b series swap is a relative easy undertaking on this car, However i would like to know
1) would the h22 be an option
2) does anyone make a bolt in kit for this motor
3) any other suggestions would be helpful
If you've got the cash drop a B18C5 or the JDM type R one,If not get a GSR B18C1.You can put a H22 in it but I would think the hassle (Iknow it isn't that hard) would not be worth it
yeah i am not aware of anyone who makes mounts for the H22 in that gen integra. The B18C will drop in using your stock mounts, you may need to do some research on a transmission, because the B18C has a hydro tranny and your car has cable tranny, for my car i will most likely convert it to a hydrolic clutch, and completely get rid of my cable system. it is going to be a bitch but then i will have more transmissions to choose from.
Good Luck...