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got a great deal on a b18c obd2 motor and ecu,,,, how in the world do i make it work with my 94 hatch cx obd1? i heard i need to buy a obd1 ecu and do some other stuff... at this point i am clueless if someoen could give me some good links on how to do this... and where to buy an obd1 ecu(does it matter jdsm or usdm?or what year?)) and also please be as descriptive as possible , trying to get up and running asap, i know you guys know how i feel ... thanks a lot i owe you guys :worthy:
buy a 94-95 gsr ecu and plug it in, then plug the integra engine harness into your stock civic harness at the strut tower.
Originally posted by supermonkeyboy@Jan 23 2003, 12:31 AM
thats all i need to do? and to clarify i need the harness that comes with the 94,95 gsr ecu?

no he's talking about the harness that has all the engine plugs in it, and it plugs in at the shock tower. right on the side you'll see a massive plug.