NEED HELP. Power Windows not working!

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EK Swappa
So I have a 99 Civic coupe with power windows. Went to get in the car one morning and bam both the driver and the passenger windows will not roll down. Iv'e checked all the fuses and I highly doubt both the motors went out at the same time. So the only possible thing I could think of is that theres a short somewhere? Anybody know where the problem could be? Any help would be great!


Well-Known Member
check the fuses and relays. if those are all good. then you will have to check the motors to the windows


New Member
You are very unlucky my friend, Put stright 12v to window motor. If your motors go, then you have 1 a bad switch, or 2 a bad fuse.. it may be a 10-20a fuse or one of those relays. good luck hope it helped. Ohm stuff out too. check for shorts.