Need Help Swapping 2000 Si Into 92 Civic Cx

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I have all of my swap finished but I cant get the rear motor mount to mount up to the rear motor bracket. I tried using the 94+ Integra rear motor bracket, but it comes up short, and the 2000 Si bracket is also too short. Any help would be appreciated.
somthing wants to tell me that when we had a problem with that we dropped the motor towards the ground....and pushed that part on the engine below the mount, the pulled up to slide it in... can't completely remember though.
Are you trying to put it on with the other mounts in place?when I did mine I forgot to put it in first (insert cruel laughter at my stupidity here) So I had to go and undo it all then after I got it in bolt everything else up.
yeah that happened one time we were replacing a b18b in my friends teg and that rear mount on the crossmember was being a complete fuck... just wrestle with it and swear at it enough, it'll cooperate.
Thanks, I'll have to give it a try. It doesn't even look like it will come close, but if you say it works I'll try it. Better than not having a car.
this is an easy guestion cause i did the same thing to my 93 need a delsol dohc vtec bracket to make it fit.. the si is too short and the integra doesnt line up ....delsol fits perfect...try it and you'll probably thank me
The Teg bracket wouldnt fit. I will go with the DEL SOL DOHC VTEC bracket next. Thanks LONGLEE