need help with 91 hatch

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New Member
well my friend got the car and he apparently got it with a messed up starter and well i had an extra one from my old d series motor and it probably had like 1000 or a lil kmore miles so i let him have it,well not to make this long we swapped the starters and yet it didnt work and we stil have to push start it,i checked under the dash for the sensor that triggers the starter when its pushed but i couldnt find it,so my question is where can it be?or what can the problem be..i checked the old starter and it was great it works perfect.we really need help right now he's having a kid anytime soon and we need the car to work as it can for when the baby comes he dont have to push start the car..thanks everyone..


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i had this same problem with my b series. great starter just would not start. take a good size wire and touch the hot post to the solenoid. pull the wire back a little but still connected. mine just grounded out somehow and once i gave the solenoid some power that one time it worked fine.