need help with a b18b1 swap into my 2000 civic

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Hi everyone. Im going to be doing a b18b1 swap into my 2000 civic EX coupe this summer, but i still dont completely understand what parts i would need (and yes i used the search button :))
My car is an AUTOMATIC and im going to be installing an AUTOMATIC b18 transmission for now and maybe next summer i will convert it to a Stick.
So far i have The car and a complete b18b1 longblock.
I know I will need Mounts, Axles, halfshaft and ECU.
What donor car do this parts have to come from and what alse would i need to get for the swap?
hey im doing the same thing to my car exept mine is stick

-axles from any b series car
-mounts u can use ur stock one or any b series
-ecu if its ob2 then p75 obd1 im not sure
-linkage any b series car
-brackets the rear,front tranny, driver's side from an si in canada sir
-wiring harness u can use ur stock with modifications

thats all ive figured out for myself anyways... good luck
thanks man. and i did some more research and it turns out i will have to go with manual tranny bc the B auto trannies are too big for this civic so yeah, i guess i will be doing a conversion
cool swap im dropping in a 93 b18a into my 95 civic. much the same but mine is 0bd1. hes right on everything. I would definately get new mounts. makes a lot of good products you should check out. Going from auto to manual. I have never done that but I believe any 94 01 bseries hydro tranny will be fine. I like the si for the gearing. a gsr tranny is allso a good match up. u will need a hydro clutch pedal and clutch master cylinder. shift linkage and shifter. Thats all I believe you will need. good luck. Do lots of research and know all your options. double check that about the auto tranny being to big.