Need Help With B16a Sirii Into A 89 Crx

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i am wanting to put a b16a SiRII into my 89 crx and was wander if someone could give me a few pointers on what all i need beside the motor kit that is on site thanks for any help.
First pointer, dont get that motor, get the b16a sir1, save you many hours of swearing when you are trying to wire a different obd into your crx. Get motor mounts from hasport or placeracing. Ummmm yea there is more I am sure
yeah mwasnp is right, get a sir1 b16 swap..... it's weird normally people buy the older/cheaper swap and try to get them in newer cars.... save yourself the trouble make it easier, and make it about a grand cheaper..... yeah get the hasport mount kit and shiftlinkage.

is your rex a si? dx? hf?