need help with crank pulley I think!

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well I just got my car back from my cousin she used for the weekend because she came home to visit. well I have a 92 eg hatch with a d15b7 its auto so I thought what can she do to the car. she just needs to drive it she isn't a racer or into cars so it will be fine. well today driving home from town my car is making a weird noise. I get home and my crank pulley is against my cam cover eating away the plastic. so that was the noise but now I need to know what happen she is not answering and I don't know what to do about it. My car is drivable for now but the belt can hardly move and my power steering is totally gone because of that so I need help the pully isn't loose its just totally pushed up against the cam cover and I don't know why she must have hit something really hard. I'm new here but I love my hondas and I know something but if I don't I'm will to learn hands on and Im not afarid to get dirty
Um inorder for her to hit something in that area she needs to have liked zomg done something to it intechionaly...and if its rubbing I dont recomend driving it.. a blown motor aint what u need!