Need help with D16z6

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ok im gonna be putting a D16Z6 into my 92 civic sedan...the head is off becuase I had a friend port polish it for me...BUT now I need to reattach it...can I use a D16Y8 head gasket (since its metal) or should I get a mr. gasket MLS gasket and just say fuck it and get a performance one...I really dont' want to spend that much on a MLS gasket becuase im probably gonna be taking the head off couple more times...thats why I was wondering..thx!
o ya and I need to know what axles to use becuase my tranny is shot! im eventually gonna get a Z6 tranny..but for now im gonna use my buddies CX hatch tranny that has like 1000 miles on it...he took it outta his hatch and gave it to me! nothing wrong with it! the axles I have now I believe they are a 92 LX yet I bought my car with a 98 DX motor in it!
Originally posted by 92b16vx@May 28 2005, 01:34 PM
The axles you have are fine. For the headgasket, I'd go OEM.
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OEM Y8? or Z6? o and hey do you know any intake manifolds that are good with turbos and stock? becuase I would like to buy a new intake manifold but I don't want to wait to put it on when I get my turbo--know what I mean?--and what are some companies that carry turbo intake manifolds...skunk2 doesn't have one--or at least that I can find


Edelbrock has a manifold for D series that I think is good for boost, but from what I hear, it is a loser down low on N/A, could be wrong though. I'm pretty sure the headgaskets are the same as far as fitment goes, someone here may know for sure though.