Need help with Ls-vtec

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Hey guys, I bought a 00 honda si with a ls-vtec turbo for 4G's, Was it worth it?. I DON'T really know a lot about cars but im somewhat learning......the turbo is small so idk if its a t3 or t4 turbo, check engine light is on and also it is running on a down pipe (pretty loud)....all i need left is a waste gate, boost gauge, and a boost control....also bought a s300.....i fixed all the leaks guys think this car will be good for a tune? give me your advice please. Thanks.


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CEL codes?

Depending on what is needed, the list of current turbo parts and might be a decent deal.


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for that price, i would be concerned it's a rebuilt title. but overall, it's a "good" deal since most civic si go for $5-$6k.