need help with oil pump choice.

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hey guys just had some questions for you guys. heres the story, im building a b18a1 motor for my EG. i bought the motor last week and im totally rebuilding it do to the fact it had 150K on it. so far i have bought just about everything to make it completely fresh. the crank right now is out for polishing. i already honed the cyclinders. i bought new rings, ACL main and rod bearing, ARP head studs, new water pump, distributor, alternator, power steering pump and many other things. but like i said im not sure what oil pump to get. i want to get a high performance oil pump since it is completely disassembled at the time and i will be turboing it within the next year once it is completely broke in.
now the problem is not sure where to look or which on to buy. i google and found, i think it was TODA oil pump for around 165.00 but it was made of steel and im not sure if since the oil pump is the end cap on my block if it would leak around the oil pan since the block is made of aluminum and they have different expansion rates under heat. but i also found some performance TODA gears for 299.99. so now im even more confused on whey just the gears go for more.
also i was kinda worried about if the aftermarket ones would line up perfectly and would aloud the oil pan to seal right. even if it was a 32nd off wouldnt it leak from the gasket. so i was thinking about having my stock one worked on. the only place i found was on ebay in cali and im in michigan, so the turn around time would suck. plus it also looks like they dont replace or do anything to the gears. here is the link to the one on ebay. someone please help me i need to get this motor together and installed befroe summer.

eBay Motors: Civic Integra GSR Type R turbo Oil pump B16,B18 stage1 (item 130286190281 end time Mar-08-09 01:47:12 PST)
what i mean is there are others on this site that knows more about turbo cars. so wait for them to chime in.
Taking a look at what they are offering in the auction I wouldn't bother.
Reasons are as follows,
1 I have NEVER seen a honda oil pump that couldn't flow enough oil for a turbocharged setup.
2 you do NOT want an oil pump that supplies MORE pressure than the engine is designed to handle, once you start pumping oil at too high a pressure it's just like not having enough oil pressure, imagine a waterjet cnc machine, high pressure water tearing through solid steel, sort of like high pressure oil tearing through bearing material.
3 the pictures of the oil filters is nothing, you can run as big an oil filter that you can screw onto your car, the oil pressure will be the same, you will just have to have more oil in your car.
4 $145 for a REBUILD service please, it's not even a new pump./

To me it looks like a scam and a waste of money. buy a type R oil pump if you have concerns about oil flow, it will have all of the proper pressure and flow specifications and the pump gears are made from billet steel. These oil pumps have been run at 10,000 rpm with no problem and it will bolt right up to your ls engine.
brand new OEM from a dealership: Acura Parts @ - Genuine Acura OEM Parts from Acura Carland

there are other reasons that it looks fishy, but I assure you that the type R pump from the dealership is the best you can use
I bought a Top Line for my car, and I couldn't be happier. Nearly 90psi in the higher RPMs. The only problem is that everything has to be absolutely flawless in the oil lines and such, one small flaw can cause a large leak.
thanks guys for all the help. i have received a few pm's about it and along with Welfare's advice i ordered the type r pump yesterday. thanks again