need help with swap

robert arch

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so I have a 93 Honda prelude si that had the h23 in it and I bought a h22 euro r motor and it came with the motor harness the stock harness in the h23 is screwed up and I need a whole new harness basically so my question is what cabin harness do I need to get so this h22 will just plug in? keep in mind I am not very Honda savy so I don't know all the technical terms and I am an idiot when it comes to this crap if anyone can shed any light on what my solution is would be greatly appreciated


Hey man welcome to HondaSwap ! There are a few different things that factor here I'd start off by posting pictures of your car as a build thread and we need to see the engine you got to see what OBD generation it is, so if it's the same OBD1 generation the car is it will be a direct drop in bolt up and plug up Swap and swap ecu's and just wire Vtec if not you may need a conversion harness or swap the electronics to OBD1


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If the new motor came out of a RHD car, the engine harness probably won't work because of the orientation of the steering wheel.

Since your not very Honda savy, you should try to find a USDM OBD1 H22 VTEC engine harness. But with some work and learning, you can use a USDM H23 non VTEC harness and make it work.