need help

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Ok so I just finished building my d16 hybrid and this is what I did; Port polish a y8 head and milled the the head, and put in zc pm7 pistons on a z6 block. The car is a 94 hatchback

So after putting everything back together, I turned the engine and it starts and iddles for about 30 seconds then it spurters and dies out. Ever since, I have tried to start it again but it just cranks and wont turn over. I've checked for spark, and fuel it seems that there is spark and that fuel is geting pumped at least to the regulator. I havent checked the injectors because I did not mess with it at all. I checked all the wiring and made sure all the plugs were in the right places and checked all the fuses and non of them is out also the ecu light is not on but I checked for codes anyway and it showed 22 which is vtec selenoid. I wouldn't think that's enough to prevent the engine from starting but I checked it anyway and the plugs were fine. The thing that botheres me is that it started fine and idled but then it died and ever since has not started at all.

Has anyone experienced this before or have any advice, please help.