need help

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Senior Member
i am making my own jumper harness cause i am really poor and need to get my car running. does anyone know how to make the jumper???? do i take the obd-1 eci wiring wnd find the obd-0 match for the wire using the pin out sheets in the reference sections???? or just match the pin outs here

thanks for the help


Buck Futter
If you have no idea what the abbreviations stand for, you really shouldn't be messing around with it. Just buy a jumper from JHP for $90. Believe me, it's a lot easier to buy one and get it right the first time than waste time and money trying to do it yourself. And then, once you've rewired it for obd0 and messed it up, you probably won't be able to get it back to obd1 to use a jumper. You never hear about guys building their own jumpers, and it's for a reason. It's much easier and smarter to just buy one.