need hlp tuning y8 turbo

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its the only thing holding me back from buying a tdo4h turbo greddy mani and that ac friendly downpipe,pre taped oilpan and some kinda shity intercooler piping,stock bov thats crushed top, all for 400. also it comes wit ha chipped ecu out of a ek with a z6? i want to scoop this up and fit to to my 98 civic ek coupe with d16y8 5 spd manual. what kind of ecu should i use that would be somewhat easier to tune on chrome? also is there anywhere i can look to do some learning on using chrome?
im sry if this is the wrong spot let me know and i will re post in diff thread.
thanks for the help
1. ecu jumper obd2a to obd1
2. chipped p28/p06 converted to vtec
4. buy what you need to tune, or find a tuner.
5. Walbro255 fuel pump
6. injectors- depending of what you get saturated or peak and hold. Peak and hold you will need resistor box. Rc injectors are saturated, look into them.
7. lots of reading on your part.
Alright thank you and do i need to find a base map to go off of? Im sort of confused on the crome part.
If you don't have a chip burner you can't really do much. You can download crome free and messed around with it, go to xenocron wedsite for some tutorial. Read alot at, if you plan to learn how to tune. But, without the tools to tune your car you can't really do much. Where do you lived?
I live in wisconsin around milwaukee, i can take it to king motor sports or other shops but its just goin to be a td04h set up hoping like 5-6 psi,its not a bseries so imnot to worried. But i dnt want to blow it up lol idk. I downloaded crome was jusy lookn around, and on other ppl maps on this forum and idk shit lol. Looks like a bunch of numbers and lines. Il look for the tutorial tho. And i can by thetools on that web site i think i was lookn at it laatnight