Need Home Audio Receiver, Cheaper The Better

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Need a decent home audio receiver. Sub out preferred. I am going for the cheapest deal I can get. I can send cash or a money order as soon as deal is closed. I need this fast so I am hoping we could work something out like the day I send money the unit could be shipped, I would provied the money order # and tracking # for letter. Let me know about ANYTHING u have. Post here or email me, Thanks!!!


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haha funny you say that I just went and got a 5 channel rca receiver with sub out for $70. Still entertaining offers though as I have 30 days to return it. Can anyone beat $70?


Yeah you can beat it, once you get sick of having a shitty receiver that breaks. You have just wasted 70 bucks on a shitty, weak receiver when you could have saved up a few more bucks and got a decent receiver. Save up 300 bucks and buy an onkyo receiver (descrete channel output for a much better sound with less watts), or saved up 100-200 and get a decent Kenwood (they are ok and sound somewhat decent). Sorry about my rant but I used to sell home audio stuff and get pissed off by cheap audio.


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I got a yamaha RX-V459 receiver if your interested. Brand new and comes with XM antenna and $95 gift card to get you started. $250 shipped. But I only take paypal. Let me know