Need Ideas For A Dohc Zc

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Im planning on putting a 65 shot on my zc need ideas for other work for the motor...on the cheaper side?
Pistons, pistons, pistons! The stock ZC pistons are shit! Get some Z6 pistons. Stock or aftermarket. Either would be better. Maybe some Z6 rods too! They both drop directly into a DOHC ZC
Do a leakdown/compression test and make sure the engine can handle it. ZCs are up to 15 years old now, and even though made by Honda, they still wear down with age. Make sure the engine can handle a 65 shot before doing it.
If you blow it I got one for sale that is freshly rebuilt for ya! :p
Any good prices on some aftermarket Z6 Pistons & Rods, or would some stock ones do fine in my ZC? Will be rebuilding it, and sending the cams off to Crower to regrind, I want to build it pretty tough for turbo use later on down the road.
Just let me know about who has the best prices, etc. advantages of the aftermarket over stock Z6's
dohc zc's dont last long blow up if you dont upgrade the pistons,rods,etc...
the zc will handel the 65 shot if you send your old parts away fro shootpenning or cyro hardening I have a doch zc 89 tegra in buddeys car that we havent blown yet with a 75 shot wet kit were going up to 85 in about two weeks a the next track day (we have a b18 to drop in so we just want to fuck around umtil the zc blows)