need opinions on manifold

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never heard of 'em... i guess they're new they say though...

opinion on the manifold...
runners are too big. that thing is going to lag forever, epecially on a b16. you gotta fill up the whole damn thing.
the welds don't look that great... i prefer a mig weld over stick anyday.
no mention of materials... if its not 316, its not worth having.

overall, i think its a decent mani if priced right, but its not what you want for your application IMO.
cool thanks, i was planning on pm'ng the guy for more info depending on what i heard from here.

the runners are hella long, but i think it looks badass lol

guess ill stick with a bmc race or something of that manner.


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its not so much the length, but the diameter. larger diameter = slower gas speed