Need Quiter/Stock Looking Exhaust

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Ive already been pulled over and warned for my invidia exhaust that is on my crx, that it is "illegal" by a county cop, i may look into buying a different exhaust. Need something that is quiter and more stockish looking, maybe greddy sp2?
Need input, thanks.
Originally posted by VTECPOWER@Jul 5 2005, 02:10 PM
Are the performance gains as good as any? And the piping size?
Does the exhaust get louder as you get on the car?
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The performance gains are better than a greddy or any of that sort. Dont all exhausts get louder when you are at WOT? For the most part, the car will have more of a growl to it and it doesnt sound all ricey. I think the piping size is 2.50" but not really sure.


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@Jul 5 2005, 02:22 PM
werd, rsr ex mag.  its as quiet as a stock gsr.
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intakes are louder than that exhaust
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The APEXi WS system looks stock, but i dont know if it is quieter. The RS-R system is the best bang for the buck, it also looks and sounds stock. If you are really looking to get rid of the Invidia id say go with RS-R.
i have a pair of cherry bomb mufflers located right behind my shift linkage then 2.25" pipe following that out to the stock location. I prefer to look, the whole system is a straight shot and if is relatively quiet, it was a great sound with the stock cat, and not w/ a hi flow cat it is slightly louder only when you get on the throttle.
I got a warning for my exhaust on tuesday, if I get another or if i get a ticket i will buy the rsr, damnit, knock on wood, lol, anyone want a almost brand new invidia exhaust system for a CRX?


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its 2.36 (60mm) piping. i noticed no power loss from moving to it from the GTII straight through and back style.


Originally posted by reikoshea@Jul 6 2005, 06:01 AM
The APEXi WS system looks stock,
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Haha, this looks stock?