need some help with my wrangler

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i know this isnt a honda question but ive been looking for this for two days and still cant hit the barn with a beachball.:unsure:

I'm going to put a clarion head unit in my 99 wrangler tj. My dilemna is trying to get the cover plate off, or do I need to take most of the dash off too. I dont wanna start yanking on it because It is my prized possesion right now. Once I can get to the radio I will goto town on it.:beat: I would appreciate any form of help.



Thank you for your business.
You don't have a haynes or chiltons for the Wrangler???

I know my brother put in a deck and had no problem with it in his old Wrangler...

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did it today man it really easy

1 remove ash tray the remove i phillips screw behind it
2 then pop off the defroster panel on the back top of the dash and remove the two reamining screws on the top
3 next carfully pull from the the bottom and work the four clips lose and your done
4 the two 10mm bolts hold the deck in and a ground strap
hey for future referance go to they are awsome :worthy: and can help you with about every thing. They are as knowledgeable about jeeps as we are about hondas. They have been able to hit the nail on the head evey time for me.


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hey thanks yall

I am quite sorry to say that a more important project has arisen. The Serpentine belt, i noticed she was cracked pretty badly when i changed the oil the other night.

thank you for the help.