Need some help

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I have an '89 4G4D which I have swapped a D16A6 into. When I did the swap, I went ahead and put a header on, so that I wouldn't have to do it later. I went to charge the A/C today and once the refrigerant started going in, the rubber discharge line blew up. I know the factory exhaust manifold had a heat shield, but there is no way to put one on the header. What can I do to keep this from happeneing again? The hoses are VERY close to the header. Any advice on what to do and where to buy new OEM hoses at is appreciated. (NOTE: The cheapest I have found them is at )

Next problem.....I am now having white smoke come out of the exhaust pretty often. I also have oil on the tranny, block, and inside the timing belt cover. I have to add a quart of oil about every 5 - 6 days. Is this a head gasket problem, or is it a head problem? If it's a head problem, can i swap in a D16Z6 head and not have to change anything else? I know I'd have to wire in an RPM switch for VTEC, but that's no big deal. Also......if I do swap a head, is it worth it to go ahead and put on an adjustable cam gear? I'm not up on what really helps out a Honda engine.

And one final note......I'm getting ready to install an exhaust on the car. I'm looking at 3 brands of mufflers, and I'm wondering if any of you have experiences with them. I'll be using 2.25" pipe from the cat back. I'm looking at the Raptor muffler, the Bullet muffler, and the Magnaflow muffler.....these will all be a regular muffler that is welded in and then a piece of pipe to the stock location with a Bullet exhaust tip.

Thanks in advance guys.

Stats: '89 4G4D, D16A6 engine, 5-spd DX tranny, Intake, Header, Throttle body spacer, Eibach Pro Kit Springs, 17X7 Enkei Mo-4 Wheels, Custom Hood