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Which Bridge?

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so, im buying this bass:


its an old 60's inter-mark. i cant find a damn thing for information about this brand anywhere. but i decided that i want it anyway.
the neck is thrashed and nothing is really useful except for the body. which works bc thats all i want (he was asking 75 and i offered 25, im buying it tonight) figured it would make a fun project.
i found a nice ibanez neck that im going to put on it, might have a carbon fiber pickguard made, and trying to decide which bridge i want, i found 4 that i like but cant choose between them.




im redoing the whole thing, im going to sand it and refinish it.

this is the neck that im trying to get:

if i get that one then im going to try and make the new finish match it best i can.

so the body is going to be close to that color, and the pickguard will hopefully be carbon fiber if i can get it made.

edit: lol, the poll is a perfect 1 for each of the last 3. doesnt help much.
I'm torn between 2 and 4, but 4 is shiny. So I voted for option 4.
see im torn between them bc of the following reasons:

1 i like bc its looks good, classical almost. just all around nice

2, as stated above, its just the simplicity of the look that i like there.

3. i like the way it looks, and i think the color would go good against the new finish choice with the carbon fiber guard.

4, its so shiny. lol, and it just looks nice.
i dont have any exp with those b, are they a pain to keep in place?

if thats something im going to have to keep adjusting id rather not have that then.