Need Some Recomendations

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I picked up a set of koni yellows and I'm wondering what you guys feel the best springs would be for them. I am also buying sway bars and strut braces and was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations. I'm leaning towards the suspension techniques speed tech swaybar kit for the rear but I'm open to suggestions


ground control coilovers would be my opinion. i just HATE the one perch w/ locking screw that you can never get at.
the rear sway/tie combo by sustech is bad ass
neuspeed strut bars rock! they arent bendable, and are strong as hell and are only about $129 powder black, $139 polished.


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I do believe that Neuspeed recommends that shock.. Or maybe it's Visaversa.
But I'd get the neuspeed lowering springs..