Need To Convert From 0bd0 To Obd1, Help!

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I just got a 95 b18c1 for my 89 si. I have the b18c1 engine harness and the p72 ecu. I'm trying to find out exactly how to convert, i also heard you had to do some rewiring behind the dash. I would really like to use the stock ecu. I've heard there is adapter, but i've had no luck finding one. I need to find everything i can. I really good site that talks in detail would be awsome. Thanks Alot!
You pretty much make an adapter harness for the ECU, or cut and splice in OBD1 connectors, then use your Si engine harness and add, extend, wires and plugs till it's all OBD1. I have instructions for a DX if you want them pm me with your email address.