need to do a massive resize

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basically, i have so many 500k 1024x768 sized jpegs on my website that im almost out of space. now, i use frontpage so my entire web is stored on my pc. i need a program that will reduce the size of all the jpegs in my image directories. what can i use to do that?

the files are big because of the image size. im going to resize all the images smaller a bit so save some space on my website.

thanks 92b16vx!
got anthing else in your repertoire? that program only allows one directory at a time to be resized. ive got 25 different image directories.

also, i need to resize both aspects, not just height.
It can do anything you want to whole folders. it can recompress it and keep the same size and resolution using Standard JPEG compression or progressive or lossless. i use it to keep high resolution on my buddy icons because it lets me cut the file size down to 7kb and still have it look good
Photoshop has Batch Processing. I use that all the time to resize my pictures from my camera and make a uniform naming scheme. It's wonderful. The Batch Processing is right under the File menu.