Need To Get Rid Of This Stuff Asap

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like the thread says willing to let this stuff go cheap but not giveaway real cheap.
1 used h23 crank 60 shipped
1 h23 ecu 70 shipped
1 autometer sport comp air fuel gauge 30 shipped
1 h23 distributor 80 shipped with brand new wires and plugs
2 h23 ext coils 30 shipped each
2 f22b int coils 4th gen works with h22a dist 30 shipped each
1 accord throttle cable 5th gen 10 shipped
1 prelude throttle cable holder 10 shipped
1 axis shift indicator 25 shipped
1 accord fuel pressure regualtor 10 shipped
1 set of h23 rods with h22a psitons 100 shipped
1 set of new h23 pistons 50 shipped
3 new h23 rods and end caps 30 shipped
1 set of head and crank bolts for h23 20 shipped
1 set of h22a head bolts 20 shipped
1 prelude ps pump 30 shipped
1 prelude alternator 50 shipped
1 accord fuel rail 20 shipped
1 civic fuel rail 20 shipped
1 accord ps 30 shipped
1 tool for the auto tensioner for the prelude 10 shipped
1 set of brand new h23 injectors 50 shipped
a bunch of h23 and f22b1 sensors let them go real cheap if you need umm I will see if I have umm
some misc d16y6 parts will let them go cheap too
1 d16y6 exhaust manifold and downpipe 30 shipped
1 aem blue ps pulley for d16y6 give me an offer
1 apexi stand for safc or vafc I take 10 shipped its brand new
1 generic accord intake 40 shipped
2 rear brackets for rear mount 20 shipped each
2 im to block brackets for accord prelude 20 shipped
1 prelude shift linkage 40 shipped
1 accord shift linkage 25 shipped
1 prelude drivers side mount ground down for swap 30 shipped
1 prelude tranny mount 30 shipped
1 prelude oil pan 40 shipped
1 h23 full exhasut manifold with dp 60 shipped and heat shield
1 h23 crank pulley 30 shipped
1 brand new h23 crank pulley 40 shipped
1 prelude ac compressor 40 shipped
1 h22 heat shield 30 shipped
2 h23 valve covers 30 shipped a piece
1 set of accord clear bumper lamps 15 shipped
1 black ctr replica shift knob 10 shipped
1 5thgen accord dc sports short throw adapter 30 shipped
back up sensor for tranny 20 shipped
vss sensor for accord prelude I take 30 bucks shipped
1 kinda mest up h23 wiring harness I take 30 shipped for it
I got a bunch of bolts if you need umm and belts timing accesory and balancer.
all prices negotiable need to get rid of this stuff in the next 2 weeks have pics of everything if you want to know anything more email me or aim importracer1234


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heres the deal I got to get rid of this stuff by monday so if anyone is interested I am willing to sell alot of this stuff cheap I am a good seller check the good people to do buisness with on name is importracer1234 thanks for your time.


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want the shift linkage
and do u have stock h22 valve cover?? also looking for stock exhaust manifold off h22 also
let me know


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got shift linkage dont have any h22 valve covers or manifold just h23 valve covers and manifold hit me back if you interested in it thanks


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also added a set of 4 brand new brembo crossdrilled slotted rotors for a 4th gen prelude vtec looking for 300 shipped but negotiable pics are in my link above thanks.


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are you still selling this stuff and do you have the shifter assembly for the prelude or accord