Need to sell NOW.... Tow hooks, Magnaflow, O2, kno

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Datum 1 tow hooks
Front and rear
45 each or 80 for both
O2 sensor - 45
Knock - 60
DX tranny - 150
EG linkage - 50
D series VSS - 40
D15B7 longblock - 70
EF DX engine harness - 100
EF Magnaflow exhaust Catback - 125
B series starter - 40
90-93 Integra L bracket - 40
you couldn;t find it???

click on your name then the link that says find members posts...

either you;re a liar, or are challenged with the intardn3t...

maybe you wanna try ebay or something cause it appears you won;t be moving these parts here...