Need to sell to make cash for my project EF

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Ok, an updated For Sale list. Please read it all. There is a Wanted at the bottom. If you have something thats not listed, and want something i got, let me know, we can work something out.
1 Greddy Blue box's 50 shipped
IHI RHB5 Turbo, has some shaft play. I havent used it, but the previous owner said it didnt burn any oil, he swears his life on it... so if it does let me know so i can kill him). 75 shipped
Intercooler/piping for sohc-d. Intercooler mounts next to the radiator. 150 shipped. BOV flange still needs drilled/installed- Will trade for side mount kit.

d16z6 short block, spun bearing, 75
1 D15b2 shortblock, Looks in great condition, 75.
D16z6 bare block, needs honed. 50 shipped

D16a6 cyl head good condition 65 shipped complete with cam.
D15b2 head, checked over, cleaned, good shape. 65 shipped complete

Valve covers
2 d16z6 valve covers, Do not say Vtec on it, 25 shipped each
1 d16y7 valve cover, Just says HONDA on it, with chipped/scratched
blue/green fade paint, 30 shipped.
2 d15b2 valve covers, 20 shipped each.

Oil pans
4 d16 oil pans 25 each

OBD1 DX Non Vtec dizzy, 50.
3 DPFI OBD0 Dizzys, 50 each

Misc (just b/c im not trying to spell the whole word)

OBD1 Non vtec engine harness 50 shipped, or will trade for mpfi conversion
OBD1 Vtec Engine Harness, D16z6 75 shipped.
91 Civic Manual ECU Pm5 (or po5, cant remember), 10 bux shipped
Stock fuel pump assembly, ready to drop into your tank, 50 shipped.
BLACK EG6 Dash, Good condition, 75 shipped firm.

I NEED And will trade for...

EF parts... 88-91 hatch
MPFI Conversion
330+ injectors
OBD0<Obd1 Jumper Harness
Left front wheel bearing/spindle/hub, (the bearing went out)
Both Front Fenders, in GREAT shape, OR Fiberglass Slr/z3's
88-91 Paintable bumpers
Front Drivers side fender trim piece
Gauge Cluster with tach (88-89)
Shifter (perferably short throw, and NOT APC, ive broken 2 of them)
Rear seats
CRX SI or Non SI seats, must be black or grey, OR ANY good shape seats that will drop in an EF
Clear bumper lights
Amber corners
E-Prom Burner.

Let me know. I Know thats a huge list of stuff, but I assure you i need it all, and am willing to part with parts for it.


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Originally posted by trigun7469@Jul 24 2005, 02:54 PM
you don't happen to have a 88-91 civic/crx SI trans do you?
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I dont, but my buddy does. Whats one worth to you, and i will relay the message.