Need topic for Rogerian argument!


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A lot of people here have strong opinions and are good at debating. I suck at English, so I need some help(I got a 84 on my last paper, and I was happy!). What's a good topic for a Rogerian argument? Anything modern would be nice. Or; is there something someone has a strong opinion about something? I nice debate going on would spark ideas.

Two topics I had in mind were privatized militaries and something about student ethics(like when I was in hs, the kids that were failling always blamed the teacher but never paid attention, etc.). Anything where it could be resolved with a compromise.


A Rogerian argument usually begins with the writer exploring the common ground she or he shares with the audience. For instance, in an argument in favor of handgun registration, the writer might begin by stating his or her respect for individual rights, especially the right to self-defense and protection of one’s property. The writer might also show appreciation for sportsmen and collectors, who regard handguns as equipment for an activity or collectibles to be valued. In exploring this common ground, the writer tries to state the audience’s side of the issue fairly and objectively, so that the audience realizes the writer is treating it with respect.
rogerian(common ground) arguement

do gun control, its a hot topic, always gets good debate
and you have your starting ideas in the paragraph above
Rogerian (common ground) argument

but its also listed on the first page of google results...
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Ooooohhhh... one of THOSE arguments ! I hate that kind of speech, and refuse to have any part of it. It's underhanded, slimey and cowardly.

Tell your professor I called him a douchebag.


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Rogerian is exactly how Global Warming started, the oil crisis is accepted daily, and why mob mentality exists. Spitooey.


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It could be. But remember the whole Murphy Brown "Pro-Family" debates ? It's a crime to counter-argue the statements because in their very phrasing, you're a bad guy to even disagree.

Just like Global Warming. When you counter-argue, you're immediately an asshole, and you're ignorant because you're going against what everyone seems to have accepted as truth.

Or even better, because both sides of the argument do the SAME thing: Evolution vs Creationism. Both of those camps have applied the same "JUST FUCKING OPEN YOUR EYES" rhetoric, that neither side will EVER win.

Debate, as with all things in life, needs to start off being clear on what you represent.


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Compromise is a very American practice, and on the global playing field it's totally unheard of.

You should understand, and then make yourself understood. Civility being important, it's more important to go in accepting the fact that you may lose and never convince a goddam person of how you see things. If you're good at Debate, then you need to at least observe this boundary in order to conquer it.

In your own philosophy, look into Stephen Covey's ideas of lose/lose lose/win win/win situations.


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Well, we can't really write about general topics such as gun control, it has to be specific; like 922r gun law, etc.

We pretty much have to state an opponent's view in which they would agree shows their position on the topic, then state our own view; and come up with a compromise in which both parties agree.


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Isn't there a website where you can just pay them like fifty bucks with your credit card and they e-mail you a report you can print out? ;x