Need wheels. Steelies suck. Budget tight.

Im looking for probly 15 in wheels. 16 would be nice but i know i cant afford them. Im curious what size the stock alloys from the del sol vtech are and how light they are. You know the satin finish 5 spokes? Think they would look good on a 96 hatch?

suggestions welcome. also any good deals im interested. just looking for rims, i got the hook up on tires.


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Del Sol's never came with anything bigger than a 14" wheel.

Integra's came with 15" wheels from 94 on up, however. The lower Integra models came with 14" steelies and some with 14" alloys.


not sure how big you'll find but go chek in the junkyard

i hear old VW alloys are nice and wide and pretty light, you might only find up to 14's though
good luck


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Originally posted by reckedracing@Apr 6 2004, 01:51 PM
beamer rims are 4x100?
or you were just saying for price refrence them on there right if only the car ran....

195/60/14 tire size