Neon tube in my grill

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I have a 2001 Honda Civic and I have green neons under my car. Now I want the "Fast and the Furious" look and put a neon tube in my grill. Can anyone tell me how that is possible?



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go to autozone and buy a small tube and install it....



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Its ok we all go thru that stage. I had an 00' red si with underglow, lo-pro's on fat 18'' with chrome tails. I knew that living my life a 1/4 mile at a time was the only way to be :lol:


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Ummm...sorry, but :gayflag:

Now to be serious....Buy the tube. You will have a positive wire and a negative wire. Attach them to the battery or some other place you can get 12V power. You'll probably want to attach it to the same switches as your underglow tubes so they all come on at once. Find a place behind your grill and mount the tube.

Good luck on you're journey to impress 12-year-old pre-pubecent girls :lol:


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"Good luck on you're journey to impress 12-year-old pre-pubecent girls laugh.gif"

lol. that's a good one. B) B) :lol:


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neon, good luck, but too ricey imo, always look cool, but will it make you go faster? cuz i know you can always put those stickers on your car, the're like 2hp per sticker, so if you get enough, you might get some power

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everyone goes through the rice stage, just get out of it fast before you get flamed,

good luck on your car though :)


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Next topic: how can I get a neon tube to glow whole in my ass. Please don't do that ro your car


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Go back to where you came from, worthless-dead-thread-bringer-backer!


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Originally posted by civicious@Mar 8 2005, 09:17 PM
Go back to where you came from, worthless-dead-thread-bringer-backer!
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I'm board and have not been here for a while and i just couldn't leave it alone my bad or is it his for posting how do i get a neon tube in my grill


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yeah and its okay to sleep with your mom!!!!!! dont think so.....dont use it ....why do you want to go fast while you're happy not gay though...


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WHAT IS IT WITH YOU PEEPS, ARE YOU LIKE 16 YEARS OLD, how much do you really know about cars. i feel like i'm in a teen soap oprea with all this neon talk. neon=gay ricer. really. if you want to stand out from a crowd, do it right, not crappy. read import magazine or Sport compact car, all the cars on there haven't(at least what i've sen) had any noen on em. but thats not my piont, really its what the crap does neon do for you when you race, its all show no go! i don't mean to bash you, but give it a few years and you'll start to grow some hair and you'll realize that apc and neon are just plastic crap. why spend $40 bucks on neon when you can use that towards an exaust, intake, shortshifter, rims, or etc...

its up to you, you can take the red pill or the blue pill!

good luck though :lol: