Neuspeed Header?

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i dont know.. but if you get a header ill buy your stock one off you :D .. .im lookin for a 50 state legal header, damn cali!
Usually any aftermarket parts on ebay are bad deals, people sell crap, and he has 0 feedback, which means A.) He is new or B.) He has had multiple shitty accounts. I would avoid it, and send you here : I think they only have DC sports or GReddy for you, though....try and find a Comptech if you can.
Unfortunately, no one makes a 4-1 or 1-piece header for my engine. :( Not that I've seen, anyway. If anyone knows anything different, let me know.

Options Auto is too expensive for me. I know I can get a GReddy 4-2-1 SS header on Group Buy Center for $395 shipped, and a DC 4-2-1 Ceramic header on Ebay for $320 shipped (both new).

Guess I'll keep looking. Thanks for all the input. And paragus, the JDM stock header is your if I get an aftermarket one. :)
damn, your shit is expensive--I got my GReddy Header for 367.xx shipped :huh:
Yeah, about half the time, H-series parts are more expensive. Sometimes it's warranted (more material, etc) and sometimes it's not. Fluidyne radiators for Accords and Preludes cost as much as those for a Supra, mostly since they're just big-ass radiators. :)
hotshot headers fool!!! they make 4-1

just the header

heres the catch.. i dont know how bad you want a 4-1 header so this is why i showed you one.. this is the only one i know of. and this is what the site says about it
Designed for H22 Swaps into Civic/ CRX Body. Unfortunately will not fit in Preludes or Accords. 1 3/4" Dia. primaries, 18" x 2 1/2" ID Straight collector. DOES NOT BOLT TO EXHAUST

..that being said you may have to do some custom shit. but for more info and all that good stuff heres a link
Damn. I guess I'd have to modify the exhaust once again.

Now that I think about it, it's probably not worth it. My exhaust is already modified to fit a stock Prelude header. I'll probably just end up getting a GReddy SS 4-2-1. No big deal.
and then sell me your usdm header.. sweet deal. lmao.. but seriously if you want to sell it.. let me know.. ill buy it, i need one bad y0!!
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Feb 11 2003, 08:36 AM
IMO I wouldn't buy sumthin comparable to Airmass. I like 4-1 headers anyway.

Airmass Headers are know for being peices of shit....
The difference between USDM and JDM headers is that USDM headers have have a smaller collector.
Originally posted by paragus@Feb 11 2003, 11:37 AM
i dont know.. but if you get a header ill buy your stock one off you :D .. .im lookin for a 50 state legal header, damn cali!

DC headers are 50 state legal.
cool! :D yea, DC's are pricey. i think comptech and chikara might be 50 state legal too. i know at least one of them is...and they cost alot less than DC.
comptechs are less than DC???? where??? lowest ive found them is about 450... DCs are all under 400 to about 250
if youve seen them for less than 400 new that is a bad ass deal