Never did this one before lol

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Today I was golfing at the course I work at. I am golfing with a coworker, and a boss like figure. Both guys are real cool. Anyways, were one the first hole, I slice one on top this hill. So I go Up to get it. I find it, hit, and go on my way. Well it was really dry out. I am going down this hill (done it 100 times no problem) and I start going real fast, so I steep on the brakes (rememer golf carts are rear wheel braking and drive) this puts me in a spin. Right as I am at the bottom of the hill, the tires dig in, and The cart tips over. So as soon as I realize I am on the ground, I flip the cart upright (alot easier then you would think). Everything in the cart is on the ground, including like 10 golf balls and a shit load of tees. Seat fell off to. So I throw everything back in ASAP. Put the seat back in. Notice the side of my pants are wet and leg is starting to itch. Sweet, battery acid on my leg. Little water and a wet towel, and I am all set in that department. The cart is in OK condition. The windsheild no longer fit on, and The roof support was a little bent.

So my boss figure (not real boss thank god) doesn't even say a word. We keep golfing. Few holes later, were waiting for the group in front of us. I ask him if he is going to tell the real boss. He says he doesn't even give a fuck. He looks at the damage, and says know one will notice (slim chance IMO) and says don't worry. Well we finish the round, and me and my coworker, stay around and chip and putt while the boss figure leaves. I tell him well take care of closing up. So as soon as he leaves, we disassble the roof windsheild area, we find a cart that has isn't working and is in a corner and take the shit off there. We swap everything over (2 hours later). Ends up the impact kinda bent the actual car part of the cart (non roof) so we spent forever linging the shit up. Now shits good as new. Luckly, I didn't get hurt at all (my freind broke his leg in three places doing the exact same thing) and my boss figure is cool as hell and won't say anything.


lol. you rolled a golf cart.

welcome to the club.

to earn yoru badge, you must do a series of donuts on the 10th green after hours, and not get fired for tearing up the green.



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Originally posted by reckedracing@Jun 7 2005, 10:14 AM
yea, i've been there...

really sucks when the bag isn't secured well and you bend your shafts <_<
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No, it was a good thing my bag wasn't on that tight. Since my bag was the only one on, when it rolled, the bottom slid out to the passenger side, and all my clubs majicly made it through in one peice.


did you refill the batteries?

don't let firefighters place kegs throughout the course... drunken tree crashes WILL result...


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seen it a few times.. worked at a golf course going through college.. greatest job ever.. i played more golf than i worked


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file a worker's comp claim..pretend your back hurts.....get med notes from the DR....end up with like a 5% permancy rating and get free money lol


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No... the best thing to do is tell your friend how cool it is to skim the edge of the lake as he's driving the cart... Then, while your in your cart, and he's skimming the water, slam into the side of him sending him flying into the lake... :)

And keep going... :)