new AIM E-mail

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Haha, I got this email about half an hour ago when I was talking to E :)

What the fuck am I going to do with another 2 gb of storage?


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If its anything like AOL email, I will pass. AOL email sucked so much when I had it. I would send things to my other email accounts and it would take like 8 hours to get to that account. Other times people would try and email me, and I would never get the email, however spamers always go through. It was a joke. Whats great is my school email that is 100x better and more reliable then my AOL account was and I am at a school of only 6000. My mom still has it and when I try and right home, she yells at me because she never gets it. POS AOL accounts.


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originally aol was pirates paradise! - rar galore-


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my gmail works well enough thanks though... by the way if anyone wants a gmail account let me know i have like 10 zillion to give away


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Originally posted by b204dr@Jul 15 2005, 01:25 PM
originally aol was pirates paradise! - rar galore-
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ye that was a while ago when i still had it

o the conveniance of downoading the files in your box at anytime