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ILuvJayMewes: you know what is completely fucked up and uncool
pissedoffsolwork: guy guys making porn?
ILuvJayMewes: when you are in your room and your roommate is fucking around with a guy in her i'm not going to fucking notice
ILuvJayMewes: this is disgusting
pissedoffsolwork: oh jesus
pissedoffsolwork: who fucking cares
pissedoffsolwork: lol
pissedoffsolwork: I've banged in a room with 8 other people before
pissedoffsolwork: lol
ILuvJayMewes: no its fucking nasty.......because she is nasty and he is nasty
pissedoffsolwork: bahahaha
ILuvJayMewes: and we made a fucking around when we are in the room.....ask us to leave and we will have no problem.......but NEVER when we are in the room
ILuvJayMewes: its commony courtesy
ILuvJayMewes: its fucking nasty because we are both up with the lights on and they are just going at it
pissedoffsolwork: lol
pissedoffsolwork: so go hook up with them
pissedoffsolwork: have a 3-some
pissedoffsolwork: experience college
ILuvJayMewes: no they are both ultra nasty.......when i have a threesome with it be with good looking, sexy people
ILuvJayMewes: not long haired nasty band geeks
pissedoffsolwork: BAHAHA you live with a band geek?
pissedoffsolwork: shove a flute in her pussy!
ILuvJayMewes: oh no,......cant do that because she plays the FUCKING BASSOON!!!!!!
pissedoffsolwork: does she have short hair?
ILuvJayMewes: she is so stupid and i hate her....shes weird, loud, annoying, messy
ILuvJayMewes: yes
pissedoffsolwork: is she really a lesbian?
ILuvJayMewes: she thought she was for a while
ILuvJayMewes: i hate her and i want to kill her
ILuvJayMewes: she needs to die
pissedoffsolwork: go grab a spork and stab her in her ass
ILuvJayMewes: hahaha
pissedoffsolwork: do it
pissedoffsolwork: kill her with a spork
pissedoffsolwork: it would make news for years
ILuvJayMewes: hahahaha
ILuvJayMewes: maybe.....although my prefered weapon would be a huge icicle.......then the weapon with just disappear
pissedoffsolwork: maybe so, but a spork would be more fun
ILuvJayMewes: this is true
i was including myself in that one .... i know im all fuktup :)
lets all close our eyes and think about how wonderful it is to smell the sex in the air Mmmm nasty puss "if I was him I would have yelled out GOD YOUR PUSSY STINKS"

I had sex in the back of a blockbuster in the bathroom with the girl hanging on the handycaped bar BUT I was altest nice enough to turn on the shit fan so when the next person came in they did not have to smell the sex in the air or my load=) hehehehhehe

she did not smell bad at all but still I was nice enough to think about other people =)
jeffie, that's frigin hilarious bro, if only every one who had sex in public places would be as courteous as you, the world would be much cleaner place.
Spoon + Fork = Spork.
It's the spoon lookin thing with the ridges on the end like a fork. A extremely convenient tool invented in 1978 by the late Edward Roth Jr. It's actually a tool of pain and misery used by the man to bring us down. Screw the spork, and screw the man!
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Mar 8 2003, 04:04 PM
Spoon + Fork = Spork.
It's the spoon lookin thing with the ridges on the end like a fork. A extremely convenient tool invented in 1978 by the late Edward Roth Jr. It's actually a tool of pain and misery used by the man to bring us down. Screw the spork, and screw the man!

lol history lesson of the day
go to any fast food place they have sporks KFC comes to mind first =) you see forks cut thru the skin too easy spoons are very painful but in order to cut someone with a spork... thats a nice med =) takes some effort but still worth everylittle bit of it
they are also great for flinging things across resteraunts or cafeterias, they have grippy fingers, and the spoon part so you can fling big mcnastys :)
For info on a spork click here Welcome to the Spork Page :lol:

The only places that I see that still has sporks is taco Bell.

Check out this one

Originally posted by Sweet InStinct@Mar 8 2003, 01:56 PM
sex in public places..
:blink: ...

i had sex in a public park... twice... behind the tennis courts :D .
What kinda freaks have the time to sit around and create a web site devoted to sporks? And what the hell is a foon? And what are you planning on doing with a Titanium Spork?
Like I said, screw the spork, and screw the man.
I always liked this.
hehe- yeah, thats what i was getting at when i was having that convo.

and FYi- thats a chick, not a dude
I did the park thing at night once right on a pond off the side of a road hehehe I feel sorry for the kid that found that condom I do remember right before I tossed it I thought back to my tounger years of finding condoms in the woods thinking Im never going to be that bad I will atlest take it with me.... yeah well I tossed it in the woods lol

across the pond there was a house up on the hill and the outside lights would go on and off every few mins... talk about weird we would stop for a sec and look for people walking around at one time a car did pull in saw my car parked and turned around and left so Im guessing they figured the park was in use=)

then one time off the side of 424 goes from Riva rd, 214, RT50, RT3, anywho that was fun watching the cars drive by hehehe but that time I was in my car the time in the park I had to lay down my shirt for her to lay on

ah the good times....