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:lol: wuzzup guys, just saying hi, still pretty new here. I'm down here in H-town, tx. Built an all motor crx, so i'm hoping to contend with the Big Boys now. I still need to dyno and tune, but i should hit the streets within the next couple of weeks. look out for me. its a silver crx with silver coated rims.

"I can't use what I can't abuse"(Garbage).
its an ls conversion. all match ported, toda cams, it sounds wicked, like a pissed off wave runner. doesn't sound like a 4cyl thats for sure. I really don't know what it runs yet, but for as much money i put into it, i hope its not all sound, you know how that can go. i took it out once, and beat a crx with a b16 and new altima pretty good. as far as pix i have some old ones before i repainted, the ass that painted it didn't match the bumpers to the body, i'll post some up as soon as i get home.

Originally posted by delsolty@Mar 20 2003, 06:09 PM
Hey guy don't race on the road. You can get 30 days in jail, LOL CUZ I'm about to have to go.


welcome to HS! :D any other engine mods? what about bolt ons? just curious.
sorry guys, had to go out of town suddenly. as far as bolt ons lets see, ericks 66mm tb, ported skunk2 intake, jdm type r header, str cam gears. These pics are before i repainted. as u can see the bumpers don't match, and now i have different rims. Well im off to hook up nos in a civic si. laterz



did you do an lsvtec? cause thats not just an ls and is that an old pic, cuase that looks like a DC header, not the ITR, and im not trying to be a dick, but whats with all the stuff in your engine bay thats painted, i.e. wires, hoses, resevoirs, fusebox, etc. but the engine looks really clean
looks good but :withstupid: your not supposed to paint all the wires and hoses when you do a color change
yea... thats not an LS motor. But paint whatever you want man, I'm not with these guys. I'm all about show and go. (as long as go comes first :D )
Originally posted by delsolty@Mar 20 2003, 06:09 PM
Hey guy don't race on the road. You can get 30 days in jail, LOL CUZ I'm about to have to go.

damn 30 days??? i only had to do 5......and it was my 2nd time. But no more now....track only to many people dies in that street shit
oh my bad guys, ur right. this may sound like a load of crap but bare with me. that is an old pic. I had originally did a crvtec conversion, but the guy that sold me the block didn't tell me the block was cracked. I started with that engine, and then realized it was burning oil, and there was a horizontal crack in front of the engine leaking coolant. I was piecing the engine so after a year later i bought everything and built it i found out the block was junk. I was in cali at the time and running out of money, so i just did a ls conv. instead. ur also right about the header, it is a dc 2 1/4 header, but now i upgraded to the 2.5, and it's also dc. those are all old pics. also like i said, the dude that painted the car orignally was suppose to paint the engine bay right, but as u can see, he did a sh*ty job inside and out. I have had such bad luck with that car and switched so much around i tend to forget I totally re-did the engine and tranny. its a very long story and what only seemed to be a simple 1 or 2 day swap, turned into the car from hell, and took me 13 days of hard ass work just to get it to start.
Hey nice looking crx. Welcome to HS :lol: